Wolf hair

My latest release! Come try a demo @ Raw House.  Or shop on Marketplace.

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Catching up

I’ve released a few things since I last made a post on my blog.  I’m not really into blogging but I want to try harder to keep up with it.  Here is a what has is out since my last blog post:

Destroyer 2 & Destroyer 2 HxC

These 2 styles were released side by side.  Destroyer 2 HxC is the same mohawk as the original version, but without the back.


This one is a tapered bob equipped with a texture changer that allows you to change the highlighted front side section to all 60 textures.

Zoey hair (Original, Swoop & Ninja):

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Seasons Hunt Summer!

I’m a little late posting this… but here goes!  The Lauren fishtail braid: light blonde w/ dark roots.  Come find my shark!  For all information on the Seasons Hunt, go HERE!

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Urban Savage 2

New @ Raw House! Come try a demo.

Comments, suggestions, opinion on the redesigned ad ???

Go HERE to leave me a comment!

<3  Jay K.

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Group Gift 7.2.2011

New VIP group gift @ Raw House.  Visit the store in world and click on the gift sign.  You must be in the group and wear your tag to receive the gift.

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Lauren Hair <3

Come try a demo @ Raw House!

Comments, questions, concerns? Let me know HERE.  If you need a response or would like me to see it, that is :)

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Khaos hair

New @ Raw House. Comes with the razored hairbase seen in the ad below. Come try a demo!

Comments, questions, concerns?

Let me know HERE on Flickr.  That’s the best place to go to be able to expect a timely response if you have a question!

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Kiki Hair

Try a demo @ Raw House.

Kiki hair is a revision of my previously-released Kannibal hair (modeled after a hairstyle worn by Kiki Kannibal, picture HERE).  This version has softer, low-cut bangs. The back half of the hair is identical to the Kannibal hair and still has the texture changing highlights in the ponytail!

Comments or suggestions?  Let me know HERE.  < Flickr is the only thing I really keep up with.

<3 Jay K.

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Bromo hair

Come try a demo @ Raw House.

Comment or suggestion??  Leave a reply HERE «

<3  Jay K. 

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Group Gift @ Raw House (6.4.2011)

Hey y’all, new VIP group gift @ Raw House.  Must be in the group & wearing the tag to use the vendor!  <3 Jay K.

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